Mobile App literacy

//Mobile App literacy

Mobile App literacy

Mobile App literacy

You probably use apps to play games, get directions, access news, books, weather, movies and more, if you have a

smart phone or other mobile device.

Mobile App

Mobile applications are easy to download and mostly free; therefore, they can be so much fun and so convenient.

what is a mobile app?

A mobile app is a software application that can be directly downloaded and accessed from your phone or other

mobile device, such as a tablet or music player. Maybe you are an athlete, so you need some apps for your music

player to give you more enthusiasm to work harder in the gym or even if you do exercises at home.

What do I need for an app to be downloaded and used?

You need a smart phone or another internet-enabled mobile device. Be aware that not all mobile devices are matched

with all apps. The mobile operating systems of Android, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and BlackBerry have online app

stores where you can search for, download and install applications. Several online retailers also sell app stores.

You will have to use an app store which works with the operating system of your computer.

For convince of the downloading process it is better if you provide a credit card number to set up an account,

especially if the apps that you are going to download from app stores are not free.


Mobile Application Quality Assurance

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